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Tesla Executives Have Confirmed Cybertruck Launch Date

Tesla Cybertruck Executives Hint at Release Date

Were there clues and information that were shared with Tesla executives about the Cybertruck? Matthew, one of the attendees of Investor Day, talked to them, and they had this to say about the Cybertruck.

They said they are following Elon Musk’s vision to the letter. What Elon Musk said publicly is true and that first deliveries will happen in Q3, 2023, with around 1,000 deliveries this year. Volume production will start next year.

Matthew asked Franz von Holzhausen how close the Cybertruck build shown at Investor Day was to the actual Cybertruck customers would get. He said this is the exact build that a customer would get if they got it today.

There is a production version and a release candidate which will start driving around. It’s possible Tesla may make changes to the current production version, but it looks pretty solid from all the pictures and videos I’ve seen.

This leads me to think of a bigger question: When can you expect to get your Cybertruck?

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If you weren’t one of the first to reserve a Cybertruck, you most likely won’t be getting it this year – unless you were in the first 1,000. There is a spreadsheet that does its best to estimate when you will get your Cybertruck using a number of factors.

Originally, first deliveries were expected to begin in January 2022, however, this will not be the case. You have to add about 2 years to this in determining when you will get your Cybertruck.

I expect Tesla to get to about 3,000 Cybertruck vehicles per week in 2024, and to get near 10,000 in 2025, assuming the demand for the Cybertruck is about 1 million units per year.

If you reserved a Cybertruck, I think there is a great chance you will get it before 2026, if not sooner.

You can hear more discussion about this here in this video from Farzad Mesbahi: